OrthodonticsIf you have questions about braces for your child, our pediatric dentists will do a preliminary orthodontic evaluation and give you recommendations about when, and if, you should seek orthodontic care for your child. We can also recommend to you good, experienced orthodontists for a more thorough evaluation.

What Is Orthodontics?
Orthodontics is the dental specialty and practice of preventing and correcting irregularities of the teeth, as by the use of braces. Braces can correct an irregular or “bad” bite, also known as a malocclusion. Straight, properly aligned teeth are easier to brush and floss. Orthodontic care can help improve appearance and build self-confidence.

What is an Ortho Appliance?
Orthodontic care involves the use of two main types of appliances. The most common appliance is braces, which are attached to the teeth. The second one is a removable appliance, which is inserted and taken out by the patient. These devices can be used to:

  • Straighten teeth
  • Correct an irregular bite
  • Close unsightly gaps
  • Bring teeth and lips into proper alignment